A Review Game That Students Love – ATTACK!

attack game

Today I am writing about my absolute favorite (and my students’ favorite) review game: Attack!  Let me start by listing the reasons I love this game:

  • It requires NO PREP
  • It requires NO MATERIALS (other than a chalkboard/whiteboard)
  • It can be used in ANY SUBJECT
  • It is easy to change up for different HOLIDAYS/SEASONS or ANYTIME
  • The students LOVE it!! They get very competitive
  • It’s FREE
  • It can be used with a WIDE RANGE of GRADE LEVELS. I have played with 5th graders – 9th graders and they have all loved it.

Here’s how you play:

Pick something that you want students to “attack”.  Since we are coming up on December, attack the snowman is a good one to play…

Break the class up into groups (any size works, but I usually make groups of 3 or 4).  Have one person from each group go to the chalkboard and draw a snowman.  (I give them exactly 60 seconds to complete their drawing so that we don’t waste a lot of time with this).  Then have them sit back with their group.

Ask the class a review question and have all groups work together to solve the question.  Then choose ONE group at random to answer the question.  If they get the question correct, they get to “attack” 3 different snowmen.  I just have them draw a snowball (circle or x) on the snowmen they are attacking.  If they get the question wrong, you attack their snowman by drawing a snowball on it and then give another group a chance to answer that question.

Then ask another question and pick a different group to answer and repeat…

Once a snowman is attacked 5 times, it is “destroyed” (erased), but that team is still in the game so if they get a question right they can still attack other groups’ snowmen and get revenge. J

When you get to the point where there are only a couple of snowmen remaining, only allow students to attack one snowman when they get a question right.

The last snowman standing is the winner!

attack snowmen.JPG

Try it out with your class – I have never had a class that didn’t love this game!  It’s easy to change up based on the amount of time you have….you can change how many snowmen they attack each time they answer correctly and how many hits until a snowman is out.  Every time I play I change up the “thing” they are attacking, too…I have played attack the turkey, reindeer, boat, castle, etc.

Want a printable version of the rules?  You can download the complete instructions & tips free by clicking on the picture below.

attack pic1

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5 thoughts on “A Review Game That Students Love – ATTACK!

  1. Christina:

    So, you would call on the teams randomly…making sure to still go in some sort of order, so each team gets a turn (even if they don’t volunteer)? Or, do you only call on volunteers/raised hands?

    And, when there are only a few snowmen left…you only let them throw 1 snowball or do they still get to shoot 3 snowballs at one snowman?

    Sorry…it sounds so great, I want to execute it perfectly, so I get the same results!


    1. I put all the group numbers in a hat and pull one out to call on a group. (Every group needs to be ready in case they are called – I do not take volunteers). Once I call a team I set aside their number until every group has been called once that “round” and then put them all back in.

      When there are only a few left I only let them attack with 1 snowball (or whatever else we are playing with).

      Good luck – I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine!

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