The ABCs of Algebra: Math Alphabet Set for the Secondary Classroom Math Posters

Middle school or high school Algebra teachers can use this fun and colorful set of algebra alphabet vocabulary cards to decorate their bulletin boards and classrooms!

Each of the 26 cards contains a letter of the alphabet, an Algebra I vocabulary word that starts with that letter, and an example or visual of the word.

The words included are:
– absolute value
– binomial
– coefficient
– domain
– equation
– function
– geometric sequence
– hypotenuse
– inequality
– joint variation
– k constant of variation
– linear function
– monomial
– negative exponent
– ordered pair
– polynomial
– quadratic formula
– range
– system of equations
– trinomial
– undefined slope
– variable
– weighted average
– x-axis
– y-axis
– zero slope

These cards make great back to school decorations for middle school or high school math classrooms that can stay up all year! They would look great above a chalkboard or whiteboard, on a bulletin board, or would make a great start to an algebra word wall!

The download now includes 2 print options:
– large (1 card per page)
– small (2 cards per page)

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