The ABCs of Geometry: Math Alphabet Set for the Secondary Classroom Math Posters

Middle school & high school Geometry teachers can use this fun and colorful set of geometry alphabet vocabulary cards to decorate their bulletin boards and classrooms!

Each of the 26 cards contains a letter of the alphabet, a Geometry vocabulary word that starts with that letter, and an example or visual of the word.

The words included are:
– apothem
– bisector
– chord
– dilation
– exterior angle
– face
– geometric mean
– height
– interior angle
– justification
– kite
– lateral area
– median
– nonagon
– orthocenter
– polyhedra
– quadrilateral
– reflection
– sector
– transversal
– unit circle
– vertical angles
– width
– x-axis
– y-axis
– zero slope

These cards make great back to school decorations for middle school or high school math classrooms that can stay up all year! They would look great above a chalkboard or whiteboard, on a bulletin board, or would make a great start to a geometry word wall!

There are 2 cards per page.

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