Algebra 1 Math Review Packet

Looking for a good way to review core concepts with your algebra I students? This math review packet covers most of the major topics taught in algebra 1!

This versatile resource is perfect for an end of year or end of course review before an Algebra I final exam! It can also be used as a summer math packet for students who have just completed an Algebra course or as an August/September back to school review for Algebra 2 or Geometry classes. With the detailed explanations and examples included in the packet, it also works well as a no-prep emergency sub packet!

It covers:
– Solving Multi-Step Equations
– Absolute Value Equations
– Solving Word Problems Algebraically
– Solving & Graphing Simple Inequalities
– Compound Inequalities (“and” and “or” inequalities)
– Absolute Value Inequalities
– Slope from 2 Points
– Graphing Linear Functions from Slope-Intercept, Standard, and Point-Slope Form
– Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
– Graphing Linear Inequalities on a Coordinate Plane
– Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing, Substitution, and Elimination
– Systems of Equations Word Problems
– Exponent Rules & Simplifying Monomial Expressions
– Multiplying & Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation
– Exponential Growth & Decay
– Classifying Polynomials
– Adding, Subtracting, & Multiplying Polynomials (Distributive Property, FOIL, etc.)
– Factoring Polynomials (Factoring out a GCF, Factoring by Grouping, Factoring Trinomials with a = 1 and a > 1, Difference of Squares)
– Graphing Quadratic Functions Using a Table of Values
– Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring, Using Square Roots, and Quadratic Formula
– Simplifying Radicals (square roots only)
– Operations with Radicals
– Solving Radical Equations

The packet contains 130 questions for the students to solve, as well as worked-out examples and descriptions of how to solve the various types of problems. An answer key is also included.

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