End of Year Math Awards for Every Student

Recognize the strengths and achievements of every student in your math class with this fun set of 32 award certificates! (Perfect for the end of the year or to give students throughout the school year.)

These math awards come in multiple versions so you can use the one that best suits your needs:
– Brightly Colored Version
– Ink-saving Black & White Version
* Non-Editable pdf version that you can simply print and then hand-write the names on later
* PowerPoint editable version on which you can type student names, teacher’s name, and date (Please note that the actual award can not be edited – you can only add the names & dates to the preexisting awards)

The awards have an attractive design that isn’t too “cutesy” for middle school or secondary students.

Each of the math certificates has a fun name that uses alliteration. Some of the things recognized with the awards include:
– outstanding achievement in math
– consistent effort in math
– excellence in specific domains/areas (algebra, geometry, graphing, probability, word problems, logical reasoning, data analysis & statistics, critical thinking, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
– homework completion
– class participation
– paying attention in class
– neat note-taking
….and more!!

I hope your students enjoy these awards!

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