Multiplying & Dividing Integers Around the Room Activity

Give your students practice with integer multiplication and division while getting them moving and out of their seats with this scavenger hunt activity!

Each of the 20 cards contains a one or two step integer multiplication and/or division problem.

For this around the room activity, place the 20 cards around the room. Have each student or group start at a different card. The answer to their card will lead them to the next card they need to complete. This continues until students have completed all 20 questions. The answer to the last card they complete should match the card number of the first card they completed, making this activity completely self-checking!

The cards are included in both color and black & white versions, so you can print whichever version you prefer. A recording sheet is also included.

The 44 pages of this download include:
- cover page
- teacher directions
- color version of the 20 question cards (1 card per page)
- black & white version of the 20 question cards (1 card per page)
- student recording sheet
- answer key

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