Multiplying & Dividing Integers Partner Matching Activity

Have students practice basic integer multiplication and division with these fun partner matching worksheets!

This product contains 2 different partner matching worksheets: one on multiplying integers and another on dividing integers. They both use only basic integers. (The problems on the multiplication page contain factors from -12 to 12 and the problems on the division page contain dividends from 100 to -100 and factors of -10 to 10.)

For these partner matching worksheets, have one student answer the questions in column A and another student answer the questions in column B. Then have them match the answers between the two columns. The partner aspect of the activity makes it more fun for students and the matching makes it self-checking! Each worksheet contains 40 questions (20 for partner A and 15 for partner B to complete).

Answer keys for each of the 2 worksheets are included, as well!

The 5 pages of this download include:
- cover page
- 2 worksheets
- 2 answer keys
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