Noggle Interactive Game - FREE Review Game Demo

Noggle is a fun math game that has students using basic operations and/or the order of operations to write expressions equal to a given number!

This FREE download is a demo version of my full Noggle game. It allows you to play just ONE round of Noggle, using only positive numbers. [To play more than one round, you need to purchase the full game. In the full game, there are 3 modes – one that uses only positive numbers, one that uses both positive and negative numbers, and a language arts mode that uses letters. You can play unlimited games in each mode of the full game.]

Noggle is an excellent review of the order of operations (PEMDAS). It’s a great critical thinking game to play any time on your SmartBoard, Mimio, StarBoard, Promethean Board, chromebooks, IPADs, or on any computer as a center or station activity!

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Like the demo? You can get the full game here.

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