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Welcome to the Math in the Middle review games page!  Here you will find a variety of interactive games for the middle school math classroom.  Some games can be used at any time throughout the year, while many cover specific middle school math topics.  You can sort through the games by topic or game type using the filter menu.

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Attack Interactive - A Review Game for Any Subject and Grade Level

Your students will love “Attack” Interactive – the review game that can be played in any intermediate, middle school, or high school classroom!

“Attack” is a versatile game that will bring out the competitive spirit in your students as they seek to attack and destroy each others’ sand castles while answering review questions!

This game is an excellent way to review before a test or quiz or just add some fun to your everyday classes. Once they are introduced to the game, your students will be begging you to play again!

Break your class up into 2 – 5 groups. Ask a review question and call on a group at random to answer the question. If they get it right, they get to attack other teams’ sand castles by dropping buckets of water on them or they can rebuild damage done to their own sand castle. If they get it wrong, then you (the teacher) can attack their sand castle. Play continues until all sand castles but one are destroyed or you can stop any time and the sand castle with the least amount of damage is the winner!

This download includes detailed instructions, as well as the interactive game file! (Please note that this game does NOT include any review questions).

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