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Multiplication Facts Interactive Bingo Review Game

Looking for a fun, no-prep way to review basic multiplication facts with your students? This unique interactive Bingo game, covering multiplication facts up to 12 x 12, is sure to be a hit with your classes!

This game is simple to use – just one click to open the game right in your browser – no PowerPoint or special software required!

This game includes 40 basic multiplication fact questions, from the 2 times tables through the 12 times tables. It’s a great, fun way for students to work on mastering their multiplication facts!

The interactive caller app (which the teacher can project on a computer, interactive whiteboard, or projector screen) is a fun way for teachers to randomly select questions. You simply click on the screen while the Bingo balls are bouncing around to bring up a question. Then click the answer button to reveal the answer after giving students time to figure it out.

Students in a 1:1 classroom can use the bingo card app to play a paperless Bingo game! They just go to the website on their chromebook, iPad, computer, tablet, or phone and a random Bingo card will be generated with the answers to the questions. When the teacher brings up a question, they simply click on the space on their board that contains that answer. Once they get 5 in a row or 4 corners (depending on the version of Bingo you want to play) they win and their interactive Bingo board “glows”!

This download includes:
– Instructions (including the website for students to access the interactive Bingo boards)
– The interactive caller app
– 40 unique printable Bingo cards for classrooms or students who do not have their own device (the cards print 2 per page)
– A printable version of the 40 questions & answers that can be cut & folded into “old school” calling cards, in the event that you want to set up the game as a center/station activity instead of a whole class game

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