180 Daily Middle School Math Word Problems

Start a “Problem of the Day” program in your middle school math class with these 180 common core aligned “real world” word problems!


This resource contains:

  • A printable version that contains 3 word problems per page
  • Powerpoint presentations that contain one question per slide
  • A list of all 180 questions and answers for the teacher
  • A table of contents that lists each topic and the problem numbers that use that particular skill
  • A chart showing which common core standards correlate with each problem

Topics covered in this set of 180 word problems include:

  • decimals
  • fractions
  • percents
  • integers
  • ratios/rates/proportions
  • geometry
  • customary system
  • metric system
  • lcm/gcf
  • writing/solving algebraic equations
  • probability
  • whole number operations
  • scientific notation
  • finding averages

Many of the word problems require students to read carefully to ensure that they answer the question that is asked and most of the word problems require multiple step solutions.


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