Algebraic Expressions Bundle - Includes Notes, Task Cards, Worksheets, & Game!

Teach and review writing algebraic expressions, evaluating algebraic expressions, and simplifying algebraic expressions using the Distributive Property and by combining like terms with this comprehensive bundle!

The 8 resources in this bundle can be purchased separately in my store, as well, but this bundle saves you over 30% over buying each product individually.

This bundle includes the following:

- 4 Sets of Notes, Practice, & Application Practice Packs (3 student pages each + answer keys)
* Writing Algebraic Expressions
* Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
* The Distributive Property
* Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

- 2 Sets of Task Cards
* Differentiated Algebraic Expressions Task Cards (32 task cards covering writing expressions, evaluating expressions, & identify parts of expressions)
* Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Task Cards (16 task cards with or without QR codes)

- 1 Set of 3 Differentiated Partner Matching Worksheets on Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

- 1 Moving Targets Interactive Review Game covering writing, evaluating, simplifying, and identifying parts of Algebraic Expressions

***Please download the preview or check out each individual resource for more information on each component in this bundle.***

Answer keys for all resources are included, as well.

I hope you and your students enjoy the various resources and activities included in this bundle!

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