Circumference, Area, and More: A Circle Bundle

Teach and review area and circumference of circles with this fun bundle that contains activities, worksheets, and even a bingo game! Great for Pi Day or any day!

Included in this product are the following:
– Worksheet reviewing basic circle vocabulary (center, radius, diameter, chord, arc, and semicircle)
– Activity/Worksheet that guides students to “discover” pi and the circumference formula
– Activity that guides students to “discover” the area of a circle formula
– Practice worksheet on circumference
– Practice worksheet on the area of circles
– Worksheet on real-life area and circumference word problems
– Riddle sheet on area & circumference
– Pi Day worksheet with pie-themed word problems on area & circumference
– 40 Circle Bingo Questions
– 40 Unique Student Bingo Cards
– 4 Blank Student Bingo Cards (in case you need extras)
– Answer keys for all worksheets and bingo questions

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