Coordinate Plane Challenge Task Card Activity

Challenge your top students with these higher level thinking questions on the coordinate plane (4 quadrants)!

The Coordinate Plane Challenge includes 19 task cards, a 2 page recording sheet, and a riddle page. For each of the 19 task cards, students need to determine all of the quadrants and axes in which a point can be located using the given rules. Students will answer the task cards on their recording sheet and justify their answers with examples. They then transfer the information to the riddle sheet and unscramble the words to answer the riddle.

To successfully be able to complete this activity, students must have a good understanding of the coordinate plane, integer multiplication & division, and inequality symbols (less than, greater than, less than or equal to, and greater than or equal to).

This is a great activity to give to your top students, honors class, or anyone who needs a challenge because it requires more critical thinking than a typical coordinate plane activity. (See the thumbnail image above for examples of the rules that are given on the task cards).

The 18 pages of this download include:
- 1 cover page
- 1 page of instructions for the teacher
- 5 pages of task cards (4 cards per page) in color
- 5 pages of task cards (4 cards per page) in black and white
- 2 page recording sheet
- 1 riddle sheet
- 3 pages of answer keys
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