Decimal Addition Self-Checking Worksheets - Differentiated

Differentiate your assignments on decimal addition with these fun self-checking worksheets!

** Please note that this item is also available in my Middle School Math Bundle of Self-Checking Differentiated Worksheets! and in my Decimal Bundle!

This product contains 3 different levels of self-checking worksheets on adding decimals. The level A worksheet has simple one-step decimal addition problems, the level B worksheet has one and two-step decimal addition problems, and the level C worksheet contains one through three step decimal addition problems.

For these worksheets, students begin by answering the first question. They fill in the answer to the first question into the second question and then solve that question, and so on until the entire page is filled in. The last answer is already filled in so students will know right away if they completed the page correctly!

Give different worksheets to different students or give one worksheet as classwork, one as homework, and one as a quiz -- it's up to you how you use these tiered worksheets!!

Answer keys for each of the 3 worksheets are included, as well!

The 7 pages of this download include:
- cover page
- 3 worksheets
- 3 answer keys
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