Decimal Addition and Subtraction Math Bingo - Math Review Game

Review adding and subtracting decimals with this fun and challenging bingo game!

The decimal addition and subtraction questions in this game range in difficulty level as some questions contain two numbers with the same number of decimal places and some contain numbers with different numbers of decimal places, requiring the students to be careful about lining them up correctly!

This product includes:
– A sheet listing the 40 questions and answers – serves as an answer key and an easy way to ask the questions if playing with the whole class
– The 40 questions on individual cards without the answers – can be used as task cards or for individual/small group bingo games
– 40 unique student bingo cards (10 pages/4 cards per page)
– 4 blank bingo cards (1 page/4 cards)
– Instructions on how to play the game in your class

Decimals, Show All, Games - Printable
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