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I’ve been teaching middle school math since September 2008.  Over the years I have taught a variety of math classes from 5th grade math to Algebra I (and an occasional additional non-math class).     I also do alot of math tutoring on the side.  I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love on a daily basis (and getting paid for it)!  

On the side, I also enjoy creating and selling math resources on Teachers pay Teachers.  I encourage any teacher who creates their own teaching resources to look into selling them on Teachers pay Teachers.  Its free to join and is a great source of additional income!  [Click here to sign up for a free Teachers pay Teachers seller account using my referral code.]

When I’m not teaching, tutoring, or creating resources , I enjoy spending time with my husband and our dog in our New Jersey home.


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    • Hi Jean,

      Because I use the point system, rather than a percent system of grading I don’t have to worry about a final homework grade for each marking period. I just enter in homework grades as I get them. The students’ report card grades are calculated by dividing their total earned points by total points possible and that incorporates every graded assignment from the year – tests, quizzes, homework, ckasswork, etc. Different assignments are worth different point values so they affect a srudent’s grades differently. If you check out my post where I share my syllabus you can read about my grading policy on the syllabus. http://math-in-the-middle.com/2014/08/04/making-expectations-clear-from-the-very-beginning/

      Hope that helps!

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